-= Leading Design at Una =-

As the Product Director for UK startup Una Tickets I was tasked with leading the company in all matters of design, presentation, and experience. It was my responsibility to form the company's identity, it's brand, and to shape the digital experience to create a market leading and completely unique online ticket buying application.


-= Mobile Ticketing =-

The customer experience extended to cross-platform mobile applications designed to enable a secure digital ticketing capability and allow personal ticket management on the fly.


-= Marketing & Promotion =-

Once the branding and product designs had been finalised I was tasked with producing a promotional video to advertise and surmise the product. The video was written and cast in house, and shot and edited by a wonderful agency Clearhead

Once the video was underway we were able to begin work on the customer and client facing websites and the corporate brochure that would go out to potential new clients.