-= About Me =-

I am a designer with twenty years experience and a primary focus on user experience and application design. I have been working for many years with businesses from blue-chips to SMEs, charities, education, voluntary sector, government and many more to deliver high-end experiences for public and private user groups.

I am as happy working independently as I am as part of a team, and most happy when leading digital teams to achieve well defined goals.


-= Last Employment =-

Most recently I played a lead role in the design of the Una Ticketing System, which saw great anticipation from the market and an excellent response from its early adopters. So much so that the company was acquired, whilst still in beta phase, based on the strength and quality of the product.

Having spent time with the acquirers to transition the product and integrate it with a new environment I have since moved onto working on new projects that excite me and where I can provide the most value.


-= Current Availability =-

I am currently seeking new opportunities to work with great companies and emerging technologies.

If you're looking for someone who can:

  • Lead your digital team
  • Manage stakeholders to create work streams and manage expectations
  • Consult or train on best practices in user experience and digital product design
  • Design and deliver industry leading applications for both consumer and enterprise
  • Lead on accessibility and applying standards for all your users
  • Design for all device types from large format to mobile
  • Create a fresh and exciting identity and marketing approach for your brand
  • Deliver to budget, to scope, and to the deadline

... I'd love to hear about your company, please get in touch.